National awards – Best Bus Company for 2019 in Bulgaria

National awards – Best Bus Company for 2019 in Bulgaria

Thank you very much for the prestigious national award “Best Bus Company for 2019”, thanks for the confidence and respect of the whole transport sector in Bulgaria.

On the other hand, this award makes me a little sad. Nowadays we try to keep to survive, not to go forward. That’s what I’m saying with a great deal of pain.enormous problems have put us back a lot.

I sincerely hope, and I have already adopted such a course, not to sit weeping and waiting for someone to help us but  very firmly and aggressively to go and seek our rights, to impose a radically different style of thinking and work.

Here I will provoke the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, as well as the Ministry of education. We must go towards a total opening up of the labor market.

If we continue like this, after 4-5 years, where will we get to? We have been talking about these issues since 2008 – 2009.

Our membership in the European Union has made me personally an Eurosceptic.

Europe sucked our blood, Europe stole our labour force and now we pay for it, and there is no response from our government institutions.

So, thank you once again for this high recognition – the National awards – Best Bus Company for 2019 in Bulgaria.

.I wish all of you and the whole transport sector a lot of strength, health and extreme efforts to solve the problems in the transport sector in Bulgaria.

Dipl. Eng. Veselin Doshkov – General Manager of Hebros Bus, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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